8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Improve Your Productivity!



8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Improve Your Productivity

Is ChatGPT the only AI chatbot? Of course not!

As an AI lover, I learned about many AI chatbots and found many ChatGPT alternatives.

ChatGPT has become a household name in artificial intelligence chatbots. However, it still has many competitors that match or surpass its capabilities, such as Claude, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and others. These ChatGPT alternatives will blow your mind.

Are you ready to explore these alternatives to ChatGPT and discover the perfect websites like chatgpt for your needs?

Let’s start!

What is Ai Chatbot?

What is Ai Chatbot?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that imitates human conversation through text or voice. From answering simple questions to acting as your all-knowing assistant, chatbots bring convenience to our daily lives.

These chatbots aren’t far away from you. You’ve probably already interacted with these chatbots: turning on your alarm clock or the weather with just a simple voice command. These everyday conveniences are powered by chatbots.

You might think of ChatGPT when we talk about chatbots in 2024.

Yes, it is the most iconic chatbot, but it is not everything. The field of AI is full of alternatives to ChatGPT.

In addition to ChatGPT, we have found many character ai alternatives and best AI apps. These platforms not only rival ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities but also introduce specialized features based on a user’s unique needs.

Let’s look at 8 not-so-famous but very useful alternatives to ChatGPT. These character AI alternatives represent the top of “websites like chatGPT” and “best AI apps,” offering users a wide range of options.

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives

1. Google Gemini – ChatGPT Alternatives for Seamless Integration

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Google Gemini

Google Gemini is a powerful conversational AI alternative to ChatGPT that was launched by Google. Gemini is billed as Google’s experimental foray into AI chat services, and it’s powered by the powerful Gemini Pro 1.0.

What Makes Google Gemini Stand Out?

FeatureGoogle GeminiGoogle Gemini Advanced
PricingFree, with unlimited questions$19.99/mo
AI ModelPowered by Gemini Pro 1.0, Google’s advanced AIUltra 1.0 model for complex tasks like coding
IntegrationSeamlessly works with Google appsSame, with added benefits
Special Features– Real-time information via Google search
– Edit prompts, export answers, listen to responses
– Image generation
2 TB Google One storage
2-month free trial
SpeedFaster web searches compared to ChatGPTSame as Gemini

Why Consider it as a ChatGPT Alternative?

  • Real-time Information: Gemini leverages Google search to provide the newest responses.
  • Seamless Integration: With its integration into Google’s ecosystem, including Gmail and Google Docs, Gemini enhances productivity by allowing users to export answers directly into these apps.
  • Free and Unlimited: Unlike many of its counterparts, Gemini offers its services free of charge.
  • Advanced Capabilities: The Gemini Advanced version unlocks complex task processing, extra storage, and a free trial for those who want additional features.

Is it a qualified alternative to ChatGPT?

Gemini demonstrated its strength by accurately answering real-time data questions and matching ChatGPT’s performance.

2. Microsoft Copilot – ChatGPT Alternatives for Free image generation

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is one of the best ChatGPT Alternatives. It connects seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem, especially the Edge browser. Enhance your web browsing experience with smart mobile conversations.

As one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT, Copilot has unique features that make it an excellent choice within the Microsoft product suite.

Why Consider it as a ChatGPT Alternative?

  • Seamless connectivity: Copilot works closely with Microsoft products including Edge, making it accessible directly from the application menu.
  • Document Summary: It summarizes documents to improve your work efficiency.
  • Free image generation: Unlike ChatGPT, which requires payment to experience the image generation feature, Copilot provides this feature to all users.
  • Comprehensive chat modes: Copilot has three different chat modes to meet different people’s experiences.

Pricing and Plans:

CopilotFree (Ad-supported)– Integration with Microsoft products
– Image generation
– Summarization of web content
Copilot Pro$20/month– Priority access to advanced GPT models
– Integration with Microsoft 365 apps
– Available in select countries
Copilot Enterprise$30/month per user– Designed for commercial customers
– Advanced privacy features
– Access to organizational resources within Microsoft 365

Is it a qualified ChatGPT alternative?

Why can Microsoft Copilot become a ChatGPT alternative? Because it provides a streamlined user experience by allowing users to interact with Edge and other Microsoft products.

Additionally, improving the ability to generate images and its document summarization capabilities for all users makes a lot of sense.

3. Quillbot AI – Best Free ChatGPT alternative

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Quillbot AI

QuillBot AI stands out as a top-tier AI writing companion and paraphrasing tool.

It offers multifunctional features such as grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and content summarization. Recognized as one of the best free AI tools, it meets the needs of students, essay writers, and professional authors, aiming to enhance their writing process.

For those seeking ChatGPT alternatives, this tool provides a comprehensive solution to improve their writing quality.

QuillBot AI is one of the best AI apps for writing assistance, an openAI alternative. It provides users with a platform to refine their writing with efficiency and innovation.

Why QuillBot AI as an alternative to ChatGPT?

  • Advanced paraphrasing: Provides best-in-class paraphrasing features to professionally edit and enhance content.
  • Comprehensive Writing Tools: Grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and summarization in one platform.
  • Time-saving solutions: Real-time advice and one-click solutions to improve writing productivity.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for all types of users, from students to professional writers, for a wide range of writing tasks.

Pricing and Plans:

Basic (Free) PlanFree– Paraphrase 125 words
– Limited use of Synonym Slider
– Summarize up to 1,200 words
Premium (Annual Plan)$8.33/month (billed annually)– Unlimited paraphrasing
– More writing style modes
– Summarize up to 6,000 words
– Plagiarism Checker and Paraphraser History
Premium (Semi-Annual Plan)$13.33/month (billed every six months)– All premium features of the Annual Plan
Premium (Monthly Plan)$19.95/month– All premium features with monthly billing

Is QuillBot AI a competent chatgpt alternative?

Sure. QuillBot AI is a great tool for advanced paraphrasing, grammar checking, and plagiarism detection. Its suite of writing tools meets the needs of most users.

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4. Claude – ChatGPT alternative with High understanding ability

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Claude

Claude is an AI assistant crafted by Anthropic and designed to manage conversational and text-based tasks effortlessly. 

As one of the ChatGPT alternatives, Claude well in complex reasoning, summarization, search functionalities, question-and-answer sessions, and even coding.

Claude is not only a tool in character AI alternatives but also highlights Claude vs. ChatGPT. With different AI technology, Claude offers users a powerful option for those seeking an OpenAI alternative.

Why consider Claude as an chatgpt alternative?

  • Broad functionality: Able to handle various tasks from inference to coding.
  • Versatile access: Access via a chat interface and API, providing flexible usage.
  • High understanding ability: Demonstrate high accuracy and excellent creativity in understanding and responding.
  • Encoding capabilities: While it may not always be better than ChatGPT, it still works well for encoding queries.

Pricing and Plans:

Claude 2$32.68 per million tokens– Offers stronger accuracy and creativity
– Suitable for more complex and detailed inquiries
Claude Instant$5.5 per million tokens– A lighter, faster, and more cost-effective option
– Ideal for quicker, less complex queries

Is Claude a qualified replacement for ChatGPT?

Claude vs. Chatgpt:

Yes, Claude’s ability to handle various tasks makes it a strong contender for ChatGPT. Whether it’s complex reasoning, coding, or creative writing, Cloud offers diverse and ethical options.

5. Elicit – ChatGPT alternative for academic research

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Elicit

Elicit increases the efficiency and depth of research tasks. Known as an AI research assistant, Elicit specializes in literature reviews, providing users with summaries of relevant research papers and documents.

This feature makes Elicit a ChatGPT alternative for academic and professional research.

Why consider Elicit as an alternative to ChatGPT?

  • Literature Review: Provides concise summaries of various academic papers and literature that directly address specific questions.
  • Research Efficiency: Simplifies the research process by significantly reducing the time required to gather and understand relevant literature.
  • Data Extraction Automation: Specializes in automating the data extraction process. This is invaluable for comprehensive research tasks.

Pricing and Plans:

Free PlanUp to 5,000 credits– Access to literature review feature
– Suitable for occasional or light research needs
Pay as you go$1 for 1,000 credits– Flexible option for more extensive research needs
– Pay only for what you use

Is Elicit a competent alternative to ChatGPT?

Yes, Elicit is a competent alternative to ChatGPT. Elicit is a very useful AI tool for people who are focused on academic research or need to be able to sift through large amounts of literature. It is different from a regular AI chatbot.

6. Jasper.ai – ChatGPT alternative for businesses

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is to meet the intricate needs of businesses, particularly in the marketing and sales sectors. By large language models from websites like chatGPT, Google, Anthropic, and others, Jasper.ai becomes a alternative to ChatGPT for marketing purposes.

This platform is recognized among the top character AI alternatives. Jasper.ai provides a range of AI-driven functionalities which can enhance content creation, strategy planning, and customer engagement.

As an OpenAI alternative, Jasper.ai becomes businesses’s assistent for marketing and sales sectors.

Why consider Jasper.ai as an alternative to ChatGPT?

  • Business-focused features: Business growth tools tailored for marketing and sales.
  • Content Creation: Provides instant campaign generation and writing inspiration, making it ideal for content marketers.
  • Template and document organization: Simplify the content creation process by allowing users to organize their work into folders and create templates.
  • Brand Voice Customization: Jasper.ai allows users to customize AI output to match their brand voice.

Pricing and Plans:

StarterStarting at $39 per month– Access to 50+ templates
– Long-form editor
– Works in 30 different languages
– Ideal for short-form content creation
Additional BenefitsIncluded in all plans– 7-day free trial
– Brand voice feature
– Instant marketing campaign generator
– Plagiarism checker (Copyscape integration)
– Chrome extension

Is Jasper.ai a Qualified Alternative to ChatGPT?

Absolutely. Although Jasper.ai, like other artificial intelligence models, can sometimes misinterpret information or provide inaccurate responses. However, its strength lies in its marketing business-focused features. This demonstrates its value as a marketing-specific tool.

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7. Perplexity AI – ChatGPT Alternative with comprehensive perspective

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Perplexity AI

By leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 API with Claude, Perplexity.AI is able to engage users in asking follow-up questions and summarizing findings. In addition to this it can pull data from countless sources to get a comprehensive view.

Why Consider Perplexity.AI as a ChatGPT Alternative?

  • Conversation Depth: Engage users with ongoing questions to refine searches and better understand context.
  • Comprehensive Information Retrieval: This method summarizes search results and cites sources, providing a more comprehensive view than traditional search engines.
  • Multi-Source Integration: Utilizes GPT-4 and Claude to provide diverse and powerful responses.
  • Provides Real-Time Sourcing: Provides links to all sources, allowing users to verify information instantly.
  • Advanced Analytics: Advanced data analysis and predictive analytics to improve the quality of your research.

Pricing and Plans:

Free PlanFree– Limited usage
– Access to Copilot and GPT-3 as the default model
Pro Plan$20/month or $200/year– Nearly unlimited usage
– GPT-4 as the default model
– Pro support

Is Perplexity.AI a competent alternative to ChatGPT?

Of course. Perplexity.AI uses conversational search and information retrieval methods to position itself as a powerful chatGPT alternative.

It engages users in follow-up questions and provides comprehensive summaries with real-time source citations. This unique capability makes it a great fit for users looking for deep research and accurate information.

8. Otter – The best ChatGPT alternative for meetings

8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives-Otter

Otter.ai offers a new way to handle in-person and virtual meetings. It can automatically record, transcribe, and even summarize meeting content, so it has become an effective AI tool for those who want to improve efficiency and productivity.

As one of the featured AI alternatives, Otter.ai offers new features that are different from traditional meeting tools.

In addition, Otter.ai focuses on meeting management, which can provide features to improve our behavior and review our interactions. This makes Otter.ai not only an alternative, but also a dedicated tool to provide meeting efficiency.

Why Otter.ai as ChatGPT alternative?

  • Automatic transcription: Real-time transcription for in-person and virtual meetings, capturing every word.
  • Meeting Integration: Automatically join Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings, record audio, take notes and capture slides.
  • Instant Q&A support: OtterPilot feature that provides instant answers to questions about meeting discussions, simplifying follow-up.
  • Meeting summaries: Generate concise meeting summaries that highlight key points and actionable insights.

Pricing and Plans:

Free PlanFree– Basic transcription and recording functions
Pro Plan$10/month (billed annually)– Advanced transcription features
– Enhanced summarization and note-taking capabilities
Business Plan$20/month (billed annually)– Full suite of features for enterprise use
– Superior real-time conversational support and collaboration tools

Is Otter.ai a competent ChatGPT alternative?

Sure. Its specialized features, such as automatic transcription, meeting support, and real-time Q&A, offer significant advantages over traditional professional chatbots.

The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT


  • Free Version Available
  • Exceptional AI Text Generator
  • Useful Coding Companion
  • Mobile App


  • Do not cite sources.
  • Outdated Source Data.
  • Questionable Value of Paid Plan.
  • Cannot browse the web.

FAQ about ChatGPT Alternatives

1. Is there a free AI website similar to ChatGPT?

Yes, Perplexity is a free alternative to ChatGPT. It provides session response and content generation capabilities powered by a large language model such as the OpenAI API.

2. Which chatbot is able to read attached PDF files for free?

ZenoChat is the chatbot capable of reading attached PDF files for free, offering a personalized conversation experience. It has features that websites like ChatGPT are haven’t. It is considered one of the best AI apps.

3. Who owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI LP, part of the Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, which includes the for-profit OpenAI LP and its parent non-profit company OpenAI Inc.

4. Is ChatGPT available in every country?

No. ChatGPT is not available in some countries for reasons related to OpenAI policy.